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To vote by mail or not to vote by mail.

Voting If you don’t have to vote by mail, I recommend not trusting your November ballot to the USPS. USPS employees are undoubtedly hardworking, loyal Americans that keep politics out of the workplace, but Trumps political appointees have a proven … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton and the Mother’s of the Movement

The 2016 DNC Presidential Convention came off well. Great speakers delivered powerful messages. While some may disagree with the message, or interpretation of history that was offered, if the goal was to present a message of inclusiveness and confidence for … Continue reading

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In the President’s Civil Service–A Harbinger of things to come

This is the first of occssional, maybe daily, musings of a patriotic and loyal member of The President’s Civil Service. A harbinger of things to come. We’re changing Controllers.  The old Controller was an old male not known for his … Continue reading

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The New Tales from the Rear Blog

In years past, when I’ve been overseas, I’ve emailed short stories and comments about life in the rear and particularly in Uncle Sam’s Civil Service.   While I’ve been actively relating events and adventures  on Facebook, I haven’t been writing … Continue reading

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The Test

I don’t know if this is still working but I’;ll try.

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November 4, 2011: Friday morning in the D.C.

Walked into the Starbucks on the corner of 6th and C Southwest and stood in line behind two very old white male gay caballeros with burr haircuts who looked like they had had a long night. One looked and sounded … Continue reading

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Misguided and Delusional, Teabaggers sabotage America

Kathleen Parker has written a great opinion piece about the impact of the Teabaggers on the Republican Party and their war on America in general.  Please enjoy it here.

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Traitor on the Pecos

Read about it here. Ignorance and sedition go hand in hand. Rick Perry, illustrious Governor of Texas and George Bush Junior Protege, and his supporters, about 1/3 of Texas voters, really think Texas can seceed from the Union if they … Continue reading

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The Nightmare (Short Short Fiction)

“Does a Mama Grizzly shit in the woods?” Continue reading

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Welcome to Tales of America—true to life patriotic fiction from the heartland.  These stories and hard hitting in depth dining reviews are all authored for your reading pleasure by a Great American Literary Wannabe.   Thrill to tales of Life in … Continue reading

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